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In order to provide the student the opportunity to achieve a quality Christian education in Theology, Cypress Bible Institute strives to keep our fees in an affordable range. We are pleased to report that CBI's fees for diplomas in Theology are less than 25% of the national average for private colleges.

Academic Fees

"There is a $25.00 enrollment fee per each degree program"

Degrees Offered including optional payment plan:
Associate of Theology ($795.00) Monthly $265.00 Per course $56.78 (14 courses)
Bachelor of Theology ($960.00) Monthly $320.00 Per course $48.00 (20 courses)
Master of Theology ($1140.00) Monthly $380.00 Per course $51.81 (22 courses)
Doctor of Theology ($1560.00) Monthly $520.00 Per course $60.00 (26 courses)
Ph.D. in Religion ($1850.00) Monthly $616.66 Per course $57.81 (32 courses)
Master of Divinity ($1150.00) Monthly $383.33 Per course $54.76 (21 courses)
Honorary Doctor of Divinity $500.00 (must have 25 years in the ministry minimum).
Bachelor of Psychology $1025.00 $341.66 Monthly, $31.06 per course. (33)
Bachelor of Philosophy $1020.00 $340.00 Monthly, $31.87 per course (32)
Bachelor of Sociology $980.00 $326.66 Monthly, $57.64 per course (17)
Bachelor of Arts-Christian Counseling $975.00 $325.00 Monthly $57.35 per course. (17)
Bachelor of Arts-Ministry $975.00 $325.00 monthly $54.16 per course (18)
Bachelor of Arts-Biblical Studies $975.00 $325.00 Monthly $69.64 per course (14)

The total tuition costs include all printed course materials and counseling services. Students must pay all postage charges for each lesson.

Students residing outside the U.S. must make payment in an International money order payable in U.S. dollars.

All payment must be made in advance, either full tuition at enrollment, per 3-month period, or per course as outlined above. No diploma will be issued to the student until all courses have been completed, and full payment has been received. We reserve the right to increase tuition prices to meet economic changes when necessary. No price increase will affect the student while they are in the process of a program study.

Payment may be made by check or money order. At the present time CBI is not set up for charge cards.